5 VGA Cable Types That Are Totally Worth Their Price

VGA cables are one of the primitive cable types that are still used to synchronize 2 computers with each other or a computer with a projector and vice versa. The earliest type of a vga cable is a 15 pin connector; however, most smaller devices, nowadays, have a mini vga port in the place of a full-size port.

Despite advancement, VGA cables still maintain their relevance because of their super-swift performance and high-speed data transmission. So, if you too are planning to buy one for your devices, you might want to have a look at the list of following 5 VGA cable types that are totally worth an investment.

  1. VGA HD15 M/M Cable

This is a male to male connector cable that boasts a double coating for the purpose of protecting signal adulteration during transmission between two devices. It comes in many lengths but the most frequently used lengths are 6 feet and 10 feet. This is one of the best cables to view analog signals in high resolution between two closely placed video sources. The highlight feature of this cable, though, is its non-twisting attribute. It gives the cable a longer life than most.

  1. SVGA Super VGA M/M Monitor Cable

This 30/32 AWG cable is popular because of its slim profile and length flexibility. It’s available in 8 different lengths; hence, can be used to connect devices close to each other as well as far from each other. It has gold-plated connectors that play a significant role in keeping the video signal free of RF and EM noises since the connectors are corrosion resistant.

  1. CL2 Rated Super VGA HD15M/M Connector Cable

This vga cable is one of the most advanced types – capable of keeping noise to a minimum – because it is triple shielded. Other highlight features of this cable include;

  • High-quality gold-plated connectors that are corrosion proof
  • Long 15-feet length
  • Larger compatibility
  1. SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable

As the name suggests, this is a male to female vga connector cable that has the following properties and benefits.

  • It is extremely affordable
  • The gold-plated connectors have a ferrite core to filter noise from signal during video transmission between 2 devices
  • Corrosion resistant male and female connectors
  1. High Quality 50 Ft VGA Extension Cable

This is a high-quality extension cable that is used to transmit signals over a long distance. It is a male to female connector cable that has a strong double coating to keep noises like RF and EM to minimal while signal transit. The coating is made super resilient to breakage since the signal travels a long distance.

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