Eccentric Features To Include In The Development Of Your Website

Included in a functional business plan, is the development of a working business website. The building of one needs expertise, creativity, and a touch of the organization’s unique personality. This is because a website is the face of the business. It is the first point of contact that most people encounter before becoming clients. A website can either make or break your business. Today, you may visit our website in Wodonga for example, where you get to develop your own site. It is, therefore, a matter that needs a lot of input. In this piece, we shall highlight a few features to include when developing your site.


  • Relevant imagery and product placement


One of the best advice you could offer a start-up business in the development of their site is to keep the wordings at a minimal. Too many words on a website may bore potential clients because they get tired reading through long sentences. Thus the use of relevant images of both products and the services your organization offers is a good strategy. Usage of imagery will also create a lasting impression on your site visitors. Be sure to use authentic images unique to you and you alone. Copying images from other sites may not be a good idea, but may land you into copyright lawsuits.


  • Video testimonials


In addition to the use of images, videos are also another sure way to create an attraction to your site. Although there a quite a few rules to adhere to. First, the quality of the videos to be used should be at their optimal. Both in sound and picture. Secondly, the material on the videos should be relevant to the website. Giving only the related story nothing more, nothing less. And lastly, keep the video short and straight to the point. Feel free to apply your creativity by the use of animated videos too.


  • Engaging customer care interface


A business without an excellent customer service platform is a doomed business. If you cannot relate well with your clients and cater to their needs, most of them will leave. None will give in a good word and will most definitely not refer their friends or colleagues to you. Hence on your website, you need to provide a friendly customer based interface that your existing and potential clients can easily access. This platform should give them the freedom to contact you directly or through the website. They should feel free to start forums and chatrooms regarding their concerns. Be sure to have a team that is diligent to answering their queries, correctly and at a fast pace. Once you have this in check, you will find it easy to even better your business from the feedback you are actively getting.


  • Employee video and photos


They say that seeing is believing. Hence including your staff’s videos and photos of their work in action creates a very compelling image to your site visitors. People trust familiar faces, and that is why it is essential also to include such material. For instance, one of your staff members may be filmed installing an app on their phone and showing how it works. Or a photo of a tree planting excursion that your employees had could go a long way into creating trust. Such posts may increase the traffic to your site with an increase in sales as well. You never know, a client may be an ambassador to the ministry of forestry and may donate funds in your future projects. 


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