How You Can Discover the best Ad Making

When it comes to using video in B2B marketing, the first one that comes to the mind of the majority of marketing professionals is that it is a difficult content to implement technically and expensive to produce. Nevertheless, it is a medium that combines image and sound. As a result, it allows faster assimilation than text or a simple image. In digital marketing, this makes it a very effective content format, whether on your website or on social networks.

When we look in more detail on this support, we quickly realize that with the advent of digital, it is a tool that is easier to implement, and for costs that can be anything quite affordable.

Plus, it’s a medium that feeds all generations, teenagers in the first place, but not only. Look at the teens around you, spend more time reading, watching TV or on YouTube? And even you, B2B players, have you ever watched a video to inform you? According to a Google study, you would be 48% consuming more than 30 minutes of video and 20% over an hour to inform you at the professional level. With the best way to create an ad you can surely have the smartest options now.

The different uses

Several uses may be possible. Each type of B2B marketing video must be used for a specific purpose for a good ROI.

Promotional films of your company. In this case, you will use it to promote the brand image of your company (branded content). You can also use it in HR recruitment campaigns to promote the employer brand.

The presentation of a product

Here, your goal will be to highlight the benefits and benefits of your product or service.

The product demonstration

In this type of video, you will return in more detail in the technical characteristics of your product, see you can even compare you to the competition if the heart tells you!

The tutorial

Your goal is to educate your audience on the use of your product or service. These videos are therefore rather to use in after-sales to do training.

The testimonial

In these videos, your goal will be to make testify a user of your product / service which will give its opinion on the latter. They are particularly effective in gaining the confidence of a potential buyer.

Interviews: The goal is to interview an expert in your field of activity. This type of video in B2B marketing allows you to gain credibility in your sector and thus to win the trust of potential customers. Visionary Marketing can also bring you its expertise in this exercise. Below is an interview of Isabelle Hilali, VP Strategy and Marketing, Orange Healthcare, on the subject of health and Big Data, by Visionary Marketing.

The Webinar: This tool is widely used in B2B to generate leads via extension webinars to a new technology. Many B2B buyers are keen to stay informed about market trends and new technologies.

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