Protect Your Child from Injury by Using a Safety Seat

Your child gets protection from injury if you install a child safety seat in your car, during automobile clash. Before installing this seat in your car, carefully read and comprehends the user guide. Protection of your child depends on the proper and correct setup and installation of this child restraint seat. It is also important to read your car`s owner’s instruction manual to get knowledge about the process of installation of this seat. Never allow a layman to install this protective seat, a mechanic who has a full understanding, and study the instruction thoroughly is only capable of installing it.

Your child must be accommodated 

A child who weighs between 4 to 30 pounds (2 to 13.5 Kg) and whose stature 36 inches (76 cm) or less can only sit comfortably in this seat. The height of the restrain and that of your child in the seating posture must be the same. Do not use if your child`s head is less than1 inch from the crest of the seat. It is not suitable for newborns and infants who weigh more than 11 pounds (5Kg). Infants between 4 to 11 pounds (2 to 5Kg) fit in it.

Fasten your child properly

Tightly adjust the harness around your child`s contour. There should not be a slag on the strap. It should not be too excessively tight, that it nips your child`s body. It should be fastened in such a manner so that he could sit in a comfortable position. If the harness is not fastened properly, the child could be thrown sideways or forwardly in the occurrence of a crash. Any kind of cloth or layer should not be used to tie up or fixing the harness. To keep him warm and cozy, put a blanket over him. Before driving, makes sure the clasp is securely bolted. Never leave your child alone; he is dependent on you.

Install the seat properly

If your car has a front airbag system, never install it over there. A child sitting in a restraint seat in front of the airbag could get seriously injured in an accident. Read the vehicle owners’ guide carefully before installing it. Rear-facing seats are always safest for children and toddlers. Always install it rear-facing. If possible, mount it on the back seat. You should mount it in such a seating position where it can be installed tightly and securely. The head, neck, and spine of your child are fully supported by the child safety seat. It acts as an absorber of sudden forces and protects the most susceptible parts of the child`s body during a crash, keeping him safe and secure. However, never forget to read chicco keyfit 30 manual before using it.


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