Recent trends in photography

Photography has now become a world of exploration for just about anybody with a camera compared to the era when it was only attempted to by professionals as it requires substantial knowledge. Trends have risen in photography. technology has made it very easy as everyone can now take quality pictures employing diverse technological equipment’s (cameras, phones, tablets, drones, etc.). Some venturing into the field uses such gadgets to produce clear quality pictures rather than employ professional help.

Macro photography

Macro photography has also come into play as individuals fascinated with science can take pictures of insects, plants, and images the ordinary eye may not have seen before, highlighting and bringing out color.

Furthermore, with the technological embellishments found in cameras and gadgets with the ability to take shots, we are made back to the old classic black and white and sepia systems of snapping with an exposed depth behind them. The ability to bring illumination is also very commendable and has become an extensive practice amongst photographers.

We cannot overlook the improvement in the sizes of cameras that has propelled the everyday man to want to own one and take the shots.


 Drones are the next best thing when it comes to depth and coverage. It has become an excellent tool for not only casual shots of events but also for those in the business world, especially the real estate industry to capture aerial images to give a bird’s eye view of properties to customers.


The fastest-growing trend in the world of photography is “selfie-taking” with an added advantage of the selfie stick, enabling more extensive coverage without the help of a professional or an photo software such as photo lemur

The advent of social media has equally made the spreading of the brand very smooth. Photographers can share their works on platforms like Instagram and Facebook with ease. Inclusive to the list is the fact that different applications and brands are rising which is bringing competition to the big names like panasonic, nikon etc.

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