What the Labels on DVI and HDMI Ports Mean and Why They Matter?

A DVI or HDMI port often means nothing for most the users and if asked you will simply get the answers such as a DVI port means a DVI port and an HDMI port is an HDMI port. But when you look closely at the back of your HDTV and other DVI or HDMI cables, you will ultimately notice a few tiny labels which necessarily indicates that not all the ports are equal. Eventually, the labels on the DVI as well as HDMI ports mean a lot and they in fact matter significantly to determine which port to use and where. Get in touch with Prime Cables in order to avail the best and appropriate DVI as well as HDMI connectors and cables that will correctly serve your purpose.

As far as selecting or choosing which DVI or HDMI port to use for which devices, there only a few things to determine. When confused, the best and most appropriate option is to refer to the manual or instructions. The ports may have good labelling or bad labelling or no labelling at all, but the ultimate instructions the manufacturer has provided is in the manual.

However, some of the older version of DVI and HDMI ports may work because of backward compatibility, but most advanced and latest DVI and HDMI ports will always offer additional features. Additionally, if your any port is getting your job done with older versions of DVI and HDMI cables, you will have to still make sure that you are using the best port on your HDTV in the case you have a new device cable such as 4K input. On the other hand, if you pair an older port with a new device, it will land you in cquality.

If you exclusively consider the DVI connectors and cables, in fact, they are an older version form the early period of HDMI and provide backward compatibility with devices which send digital video in one cable but need another cable for sending audio signals. The ultimate benefit of using DVI port is eventually getting the audio signal from one or sometimes more of the analog input on the back of your TV and then match it with the video signal that is transmitted from the DVI labelled port of HDMI. However, you need to know when to use the feature.

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